Gloucester County Projects

 Site Purpose: Intersection Improvements

 Developer: R.E. Pierson Construction Company

Engineer: Remington & Vernick Engineers

Monroe Township

Location: Glassboro Road (US 322) and Fries Mill Road (CR 655)

Description: Intersection Improvements to Glassboro Road (US 322) and Fries Mill Road (CR 655). The intersection will be widened for dedicated turn lanes for all directions. The project will include roadside shoulders, new traffic signals, sidewalk, ADA curbing and drainage upgrades.

Aerial Drone Progression Report

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Aerial 360 View

A 360 Aerial View of the Rt 322 & Fries Mill Road intersection renovations. 

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Construction Site Orthomosaic - February 12, 2023

The view below contains the initial orthomosaic taken at the job site on February 12, 2023. Fries Mill Road is shown running North & South. Route 322 is shown running East & West.

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