An Affordable Drone Services Company

Why Aerial View Advantage?

  •  FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot

  •  Fully Insured aerial drone services provider

  •  22+ Years Project Management Experience (Each mission will follow defined project tasks)

  •  Web Based Presentation for quick access and review 

  • Save Stakeholder time by reducing on-site progress visits Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
drone services company
Joe Devlin: 856-371-4121

Aerial Services

Aerial View Advantage is a drone services company utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology and serves multiple industries to produce spectacular photos, videos and data collection services for your real estate, promotional, construction, maintenance or informational needs. Licensed by the FAA and fully insured to guarantee flight operations are safe and legal.

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Construction Services

In the last few years,  drones have helped to make several improvements in the construction industry. From increased accuracy in reporting, to improving safety conditions, to cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Aerial View Advantage is an affordable drone services company utilizing Orthomosaic Imagery, Time Lapse Photography and Videography to provide Construction Managers, Developers and Stakeholders a remote view to the job site for progress updates.


Please note, Aerial View Advantage does not have a licensed land surveyor on staff to provide survey grade analysis. Aerial View Advantage can collect data and provide to your licensed surveyor for review and analysis. This is not exclusive to Aerial View Advantage. All drone data collection services cannot interpret data unless they have a surveyor on staff.