About Us



My name is Joe Devlin and I am the owner/operator of Aerial View Advantage, LLC.

About Us: We are located in Williamstown, New Jersey and service the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer aerial drone services to help companies and organizations within the residential and commercial sectors.  Our goal is to assist clients by offering aerial drone services as an additional tool to help them communicate and promote their businesses. We truly believe the number one purpose of our business is to help solve problems for our clients.  Whether it’s real estate, construction, inspections, adding aerial views is an added advantage to tell your story and make you standout from your competitors. 

About Us


Please note, Aerial View Advantage does not have a licensed land surveyor on staff to provide survey grade analysis. Aerial View Advantage can collect data and provide to your licensed surveyor for review and analysis. This is not exclusive to Aerial View Advantage. All drone data collection services cannot interpret data unless they have a surveyor on staff.